Christopher Mallick: A Thought-Provoking Word

Insight is essential in the quest to build understanding.  Christopher Mallick produced the documentary titled “After Porn Ends” in an effort to answer some questions people have about porn.  Adult film stars participated in the film to share personal stories of triumph.  Challenges were numerous, but each individual has found a “normal life” after leaving the adult film industry.  New careers and old friendships were essential for the successful transition out of porn.  Creating the documentary provided Christopher Mallick with more insight into the struggles faced by real people.  He hopes everyone who watches the film will gain some insight.

Christopher Mallick: Life “After Porn Ends”

John Leslie from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

John Leslie from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

When Christopher Mallick decides to embrace a project, he considers how many people will be reached with his message.  “After Porn Ends” is his newest project, but it has been years in the making.  Former adult film stars were asked to share a personal perspective about life after leaving the adult film industry.  Each interview reveals a unique approach to finding new careers and restoring friendships.  Current adult film stars have watched the documentary and learned what lies in store for them.  Christopher Mallick set out to help others and found, once again, that the project’s impact has been extremely positive.

Christopher Mallick: Former Porn Stars

Randy West from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Randy West from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Too many people assumed that the stars of adult film interviewed in the new documentary, “After Porn Ends,” were not real people.  After the day of filming, the actors go home and lead typical lives.  Christopher Mallick produced the documentary to allow each interviewee to express this fact.  While the money was plentiful, the acceptance of their work is limited to those who watch the films.  Some friends and family members are bothered by their participation.  Once the career ends, the former adult film star must build a new career in an industry that does not require knowledge of the former life.

After Porn Ends:!/AfterPornEnds

Christopher Mallick: Top Documentary Download

Asia Carrera from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chrisopher Mallick

Asia Carrera from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Chrisopher Mallick

As the documentary titled, “After Porn Ends,” was being created, Christopher Mallick wondered how widely it would be viewed.  Imagine his surprise at the remarkable response that has catapulted the documentary to the top spot on the download ranking list.  The film contains interviews from some of the most famous former adult film stars in the industry.  Most have remarkable stories about families that have been healed and new careers that have started.  Some people in the adult film industry believe that all new participants in adult films should view this film.  Christopher Mallick wants everyone to understand more about life after an adult film career ends.

Christopher Mallick: Stay Informed

Christopher Mallick Film Producer

Christopher Mallick - Oxymoron Entertainment Producer

Serious actors will sign up for every possible breakdown service to stay informed.  Christopher Mallick posts the activities at his studio on the most popular services.  Every effort is made to draw new talent into his projects.  Casting calls are held to find the best talent for each role in the story.  Christopher Mallick and his team transform scripts into films through original content.  Aspiring actors will drop off a reel and headshots at the studio.  Producers watch the reels when time permits, and the right talent is assembled for each project.  Many participants anticipate a request to fill a role in the next Christopher Mallick film.

Christopher Mallick: No Magic Number

According to legend, no one over the age of 25 could ever begin an acting career.  Christopher Mallick reminds all aspiring actors that talent and persistence are more important than age.  Time passes quickly for everyone.  Serious actors will seize every opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of the craft.  Christopher Mallick selects talent based on the roles written into his chosen scripts.  Regardless of age, the right actor will be offered the role.  As a trend setter in films, Christopher Mallick believes original content and talented actors make great movies.

Christopher Mallick: The Passion of Entertaining & Cooking

Christopher Mallick Producer at Oxymoron Entertainment

Christopher Mallick Producer at Oxymoron Entertainment

Next to Oxymoron Entertainment CEO Christopher Mallick’s passion of film making, is his love for food and entertaining. As a business owner and entrepreneur, Mallick finds time to reconnect outside of the workspace and open up his home through hosting dinner parties.

Unfortunately between chaotic schedules and the convenience of restaurants, many people in our fast paced culture have lost the art of having people over to share a long meal. Christopher Mallick values the significance of entertaining at home. This is a great way to expand relationships and get to know and enjoy one another outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life. “Its important to gather in a relaxing atmosphere where we can set the distractions and challenges of work aside,” says Christopher Mallick.

Gathering around the dinner table is a universal tradition that has been celebrated for centuries. The art of this experience is slowly fading in our culture; Christopher Mallick realizes the importance of taking advantage of these opportunities. Sharing food with company is a time when memories are made and bond’s are established.

Christopher Mallick embraces the consumption and preparation of gourmet food. The art of cooking is a hobby that Mallick is very passionate about, and there’s nothing he loves more than to share his masterpieces with those around him. His hospitality and dedication to food and entertaining is a tradition that Christopher Mallick continues to share.

Christopher Mallick: “Indie” Film Maker

As an independent filmmaker, Christopher Mallick made his grand entrance into the film industry with the completion of his first feature film, Middle Men, establishing him as a creative force in the entertainment industry.  Mallick partnered with noted writer/director George Gallo and writer Andy Weiss to create Middle Men, starring Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Gabriel Macht, and James Caan. Middle Men premiered at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and was selected as the official closing night film of both the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Phoenix Film Festival that same year.  Mallick and his film have been featured in dozens of International and top-tier entertainment publications including the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter.