Christopher Mallick: Stay Informed

Christopher Mallick Film Producer

Christopher Mallick - Oxymoron Entertainment Producer

Serious actors will sign up for every possible breakdown service to stay informed.  Christopher Mallick posts the activities at his studio on the most popular services.  Every effort is made to draw new talent into his projects.  Casting calls are held to find the best talent for each role in the story.  Christopher Mallick and his team transform scripts into films through original content.  Aspiring actors will drop off a reel and headshots at the studio.  Producers watch the reels when time permits, and the right talent is assembled for each project.  Many participants anticipate a request to fill a role in the next Christopher Mallick film.

Christopher Mallick: No Magic Number

According to legend, no one over the age of 25 could ever begin an acting career.  Christopher Mallick reminds all aspiring actors that talent and persistence are more important than age.  Time passes quickly for everyone.  Serious actors will seize every opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of the craft.  Christopher Mallick selects talent based on the roles written into his chosen scripts.  Regardless of age, the right actor will be offered the role.  As a trend setter in films, Christopher Mallick believes original content and talented actors make great movies.