Christopher Mallick: The Passion of Entertaining & Cooking

Christopher Mallick Producer at Oxymoron Entertainment

Christopher Mallick Producer at Oxymoron Entertainment

Next to Oxymoron Entertainment CEO Christopher Mallick’s passion of film making, is his love for food and entertaining. As a business owner and entrepreneur, Mallick finds time to reconnect outside of the workspace and open up his home through hosting dinner parties.

Unfortunately between chaotic schedules and the convenience of restaurants, many people in our fast paced culture have lost the art of having people over to share a long meal. Christopher Mallick values the significance of entertaining at home. This is a great way to expand relationships and get to know and enjoy one another outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life. “Its important to gather in a relaxing atmosphere where we can set the distractions and challenges of work aside,” says Christopher Mallick.

Gathering around the dinner table is a universal tradition that has been celebrated for centuries. The art of this experience is slowly fading in our culture; Christopher Mallick realizes the importance of taking advantage of these opportunities. Sharing food with company is a time when memories are made and bond’s are established.

Christopher Mallick embraces the consumption and preparation of gourmet food. The art of cooking is a hobby that Mallick is very passionate about, and there’s nothing he loves more than to share his masterpieces with those around him. His hospitality and dedication to food and entertaining is a tradition that Christopher Mallick continues to share.

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